About Us

My name is Angela Wootson; the CEO & Founder of A.S.P.I.R.E. Foundation. This foundation was birthed out of need, passion, and purpose to bring activities, support, programs, and resources to the communities of Houston, Twiggs, Bibb, Wilkerson, and surrounding areas. This foundation is dedicated to educating, enriching, and empowering the youth in these communities so they will become responsible, engaged citizens.

I have served in education 28 years. I obtain a Bachelor of Science, Master’s, and Education Specialist degree. I also hold an Educational Leadership add on certification for the state of Georgia. I taught grades 3-8 Language Arts, Science, and Life Skills. I served as a Graduation Coach, Adjunct Professor at Middle GA Technical College and Fort Valley State University.

I believe all children can learn given the right support, resources, and care in spite of any challenges that may exist. I also believe in holding children accountable for their behavior/actions; and making sure they see the connection between daily decisions and future destinies.

We are constantly seeking sponsors and volunteers. If you feel this foundation is one that you would like to use your gifts/talents in helping us in our mission, please contact us.